Tell us a bit about you Danielle

Hi, my name is Danielle. I have been a Hair Extensions Specialist for 6 years now. I started off running my business from home & mobile, moved onto renting a small space in a local salon & now I own a hair & beauty salon with a team of 5 of us who all help & support each other.

Why did you become and LA WEAVE Educator?

The reason I became an LA WEAVE Educator, in everything I do in my life I’ve always wanted to be helping other people along the way. Having a successful salon & years of experience under my belt as an extensionist I really wanted to be able to give back & help other people in their own journeys starting out just like I once did all those years ago.

What do you love about LA WEAVE?

Why I love LA WEAVE, LA WEAVE was one of the first methods I trained in and became an LA WEAVE Authorised Technician. It’s a great method to offer as its suitable for pretty much all hair types so ideal for many of the clients who walk through the door. Its the quickest to apply & remove making it the most profitable method for us in the salon. I also love that LA WEAVE is about providing a quality & exclusive service to clients as only people who have trained with the Official LA WEAVE can use the LA WEAVE® trademarks & become a Licensed LA WEAVE Authorised Technician®.

As an LA WEAVE Educator I offer

An intense 1 to 1 training course in the application of LA WEAVE to those looking to become qualified & licensed in this popular method. The course includes kit, manual & full training in all aspects of application, refit & removal of LA WEAVE including client consultation & aftercare.

Whether you are a total beginner looking to get started out in the industry or would like to add LA WEAVE to your list of current services this course is designed for you. I have over 6 years experience offering LA WEAVE in my salon & look forward to sharing all my knowledge in order to help you become successful in the industry as an LA WEAVE Authorised Technician.

For more information please send me a message & I will get back to you with further details.

Connect with me:

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